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CALL TO ACTION: The US Potato Board votes today and is leaning toward supporting GMO potatoes. The National Potato Council has already announced their support. If the potato industry trade groups have their way, GMO potatoes will be hitting our grocery stores soon. Near term FDA approval is likely and growers are gearing up to plant them during the next growing season. Unofficially, industry leaders retain concerns about how companies advancing GMO potatoes, such as J.R. Simplot, will segregate their biotech tubers and how foreign markets will react. In NPC’s comments on Simplot’s Innate GMO potato, Executive Vice President and CEO John Keeling voiced concern about the potential for GMO technology to disrupt potato exports valued at more than $1.6 billion and he referenced past market disruptions caused by NewLeaf, a Monsanto GMO potato that’s no longer grown. The NPC supports the GMA’s scheme to keep you in the dark about what you’re eating with only voluntary labeling of GMO products. UNLABELED, NOT NEEDED. NOT WANTED. NOT PROVEN SAFE. Post on the U.S. Potato Board and the National Potato Council’s FB pages and let them know - GMO spuds are DUDS. Not only will foreign markets reject them but we won’t eat them either. POST On US Potato Board’s FB Page: EMAIL the President & CEO, Blair Richardson: POST ON National Potato Council’s FB Page: EMAIL THEM: SPUDINFO@NATIONALPOTATOCOUNCIL.ORG READ:




Foreign Aid:  Can Not be Cut (Too Small)

"In fiscal 2013, U.S. government funding for humanitarian assistance and international development will total around $23 billion. (Back in October, I included spending on diplomacy in the numbers that I reported. In order to directly address the question of how much we give in aid to other countries, I’m now leaving out diplomacy and operations of the State Department.)

Foreign Military Assistance

In addition, the U.S. will spend around $14 billion in fiscal 2013 for foreign military assistance – that’s money spent on training foreign armies and providing them with weapons.”

So $37 B for the world is too little to cut, but the $75 B, is way too much food for Americans and was cut $4 B a year.

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